How does cloud gaming work?

Cloud Gaming is a fast growing segment and considered to be the future of gaming. With high scalable infrastructure, growing network capacities and remote input devices the ingredients are given for a smooth and fascinating gaming experience.

It is comparabel to known streaming providers by using basically different video encoding methods and providing remote access to a computer – in our case a High-Performance Computing environment. This video encoding allows to adapt the video stream to your available bandwith. More bandwith equals to a better, clearer and more realistic picture.

The player is using its input device (keyboard, game pad, etc.), which will forward the given command to the Gaming Platform in the Cloud, where the remote machine will respond and stream back the update of the game. Those remote machines provide high computing power with the help of Graphic Processing Units (GPU). It is basically the same setup as for super computers.

The latency and bandwith of the network plays also a key role in the gaming experience. The bottleneck typically is found in over-crowded-networks with too little bandwith causing the the responsiveness to go down. Hence a close Data Center with excellent connectivity using go2cloud’s High-Performance-Computing Portfolio will give a fascinating Gaming Experience to your customer base.