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go2cloud is a European founded High Performance Computing (HPC) and Infrastructure Service Provider with international customer base and global reach. 

Our purpose is to provision High Performance Computing Services related to artificial intelligence, big data analytics, blockchain, research and other computing-intensive applications, tasks and workflows.


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VDI Cloud Workstations

We deploy high-performance virtual desktops in a trusted environment.

VDI Cloud workstations​

Cloud Desktops are virtual desktops that can be accessed from any remote device and managed from a simple web console. It is the ideal solution to gain IT agility and secure teleworking.

Our Cloud Desktops solution is based on a dedicated and managed infrastructure, on which virtual desktops are deployed according to your needs. It is hosted and managed by go2cloud.

Cloud Desktop: Gain responsiveness and secure remote working.​

Customized deployment

Create your Cloud Desktops in just a few clicks

100 % dedicated infrastructure

Access your data and software anywhere

High performance computing

Take advantage of the very high performance

go2cloud is specialized in High Performance and graphics machines (dedicated GPUs).

VDI Packages

VDI Starter

Office workstation (Office…), remotely accessible and administrable.


Very High Performance and versatile workstation (GPU / CPU)

VDI Power

High Performance workstation with dedicated graphic card (3D, CAD, IA, ML,…)

Business Solutions​: Microsoft 365

Choose from our software solution portfolio and find the right one for your business​