VDI Cloud workstations​

High-performance, accessible and sovereign Cloud Desktops service for SMEs.

Simpler, more efficient, more accessible.

Our Cloud Desktops solution is based on a dedicated and managed infrastructure, on which virtual desktops are deployed according to your needs. It is hosted and managed by go2cloud.

Sovereign and responsible accommodation

Our servers are based on OCP low power technology, hosted by go2cloud.

Integrable and managed infrastructure

From ten or so workstations, the infrastructure is dedicated and can be easily integrated into your IT system (closed network, API). 

Integration with your infrastructure

go2cloud allows you to integrate virtual desktops into your corporate network, shared storage or Active Directory. Multi-cloud interfacing simplifies data hosting with the most suitable partner. (VPN, SAN and Active Directory connections)

Simplified testing, onboarding and support

go2cloud technology simplifies the handling, deployment and support of Cloud Desktops for greater responsiveness.

Handling and onboarding

test offer of the solution is available to take Cloud Desktops in hand. The go2cloud subscription is monthly, with no hidden costs, and easily reversible. 

  • Test in 24 hours and at low cost
  • Monthly subscription, no hidden costs
  • Support included
  • Reversibility supported
GPU Cloud workstations​

The power dedicated graphic cards, the flexibility of the Cloud moreover.

One workstation on all your devices

The desktops are accessible from MacOS, Windows, Linux and Android applications. 

Low latency, even on two screens

Our NextFrame protocol adapts to your bandwidth and supports multi-screen.

Payment by the hour possible (this option will be in later stage)

Pay only for what you use, keep your data on a disk between each session. 

Our protocol and your configuration are optimized for CAD, CAD, Archi, rendering…

  1. AMD Vega RX 64

100% Dedicated Graphic Card

  1. 4 to 16 vCPU @ 3.3GHz

4 cores, 8 threads

  1. 8 to 32 GB RAM

According to your needs

Choose your VDI package

VDI Starter

Office workstation (Office…), remotely accessible and administrable.


Very High Performance and versatile workstation (GPU / CPU)

VDI Power

High Performance workstation with dedicated graphic card (3D, CAD, IA, ML,…)

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