go2cloud High Performance Computing Portfolio

Run advanced software faster, efficient & reliable! go2cloud enables you to run your High-Performance-Computing (HPC) and empower your artificial intelligence, big data analytics, blockchain, research and other computing-intensive applications, tasks and workflows. Your applications and workloads will run up to 40x faster and more! We commit to deliver fast results with flexible & cost-effective solutions and services. This will allow you to invest and focus more on your core business. With go2cloud you have the right HPC portfolio in place and even more a true partner aside – to face future demand.

Bare Metal Services

Bare Metal server hosting delivers the hardware, specifications and customization needed to power mission-critical applications. ​

The Bare Metal service offers a dedicated environment without the overhead of virtualization and still no sacrifice to the flexibility of your computing power needs. We provide different ranges of highly-efficient dedicated servers, adapted to the most demanding needs of any type of company and environment. Your applications have direct access to the processor and memory of the underlying server. These instances are ideal for workloads with high performance hardware requirement and for applications that need to run in non-virtualized environments for licensing or support requirements.

Gaming Platform

We offer game developers & publishers a platform that delivers the most scalable and resilient dedicated game server hosting through optimized multi-cloud and bare metal infrastructure.


Digital Education Platform –
The Digital School as a Service!

Our solution is a software and hardware integrated system that provides new learning opportunities with minimal upfront costs, lean service and easy management.

Digital technologies are an inseparable part of today’s learning process. A digital learning environment allows learners to absorb relevant information in a way that is tailored to their individual needs whereas teachers can keep track of when individual pupils have performed which activities in the e-classroom.

Introduce the latest learning technology into your everyday practice – from smart pads to workstations, the digital classroom can be everywhere!


  • Teachers have full control
  • No special IT know how needed
  • Optimized for pedagogic use
  • Easy collaboration for everyone
  • One uniform and easy management
  • All hard- & software included
  • Proven Best Practice in Germany