The future of High Performance Computing – today!

Fantastic speed increases and lower costs per compute transaction are the main drivers to use servers with Graphic Processing Units (GPU).
  • Usual CPUs can no longer cope with your increased demand for speed and compute powers. With the power of GPU processors, you will be able to exceed the usual conventional CPUs by far.
  • GPUs increase speed vs. CPU expected up to 1000 x in 2025.
  • GPUs offer higher efficiency and massive scalability.
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep Learning are becoming an integral part of our daily lives.
  • Smart Grids, Multy Party Governance (using block chain technology, including Smart Contract) and Internet of Things (IoT) are ingredients for cross-industry value creation and the formation of modern and integrated ecosystems. We are only at the beginning!
Our solutions bring together several technologies such as computer architecture, algorithms, programs, electronics, and system software under a single canopy to solve advanced problems effectively and quickly. By furthering the efficiency of our high-performance computing, you can continue complex modelling with more detailed calculations and more alternatives by reducing waiting time. That’s why HPC is the most efficient, flexible and cost effective environment for your needs.